Supply chain

It is artisanal knowledge that makes VODIVÌ bags and semi-precious stone collections unique, 
created to retrace – through forms, choices of materials and colors – different territories.
Tailoring, attention to detail, handmade glassware and suggestions of nature that transform semi-precious accessories and 925 silver that is laser-cut and hand painted:
our supply chain is a mosaic of experienced manufacturers, experts of tradition and innovation in the choice
of processing techniques and materials.


From deepresearch into art, to the way visiting the places that inspired the collections makes people feel: the design studio drafts and develops the prototypes through attentive observation of the high quality in every planning step.


Every single component created for and used in the collections are handmade by artisans in Italy who choose only the finest prime materials with the lowest environmental impact possible, free from nickel, valuing the artisanal work from the best goldsmiths available.


The inserts in pink stone come from a specific rock from Mount Subasio (Assisi), whose proper name is “Scaglia Rossa”, a sedimentary, calcine marine rock. Our bags only use stones that have been re-purposed from prior uses, to better reduce their environmental impact, and are worked on by our artisans, who give the man other life by bringing them to their maximum splendor.


A unique art is an al technique, still used today after being passed down through generations, as a testament to the old est presses: wooden matrices in pear or walnut, which are hand-carved and, once they have been dyed, and placed on the cloth or leather and pressed by a heavy block.


The hand-painted ceramic inserts used in our bags are created by knowledge able ceramic artisans, who transfer the beauty of centuries of their history into each individual piece.


A fascinating journey of discovery into the world of glasswork, such as that of fused glass, which creates beautiful light through transparency and opacity.


Quality, refined tailoring, care and attention during every phase of production, decades of history and manual capacity are all transferred by our experts into the creation of Vodivi bags