About us

The Fashion House

Every territory has its own peculiarity.
It is the result of centuries of history and the people who live there, those who sculpted and molded it, contributing to its unique shape and individuality.
It is made up of town squares, architecture, materials, crops, artisanal knowledge, traditions and flavors that are never quite the same.
VODIVÌ is a fashion house created in collaboration with the Slow Tourism Association to offer collections of bags and semiprecious stones entirely made in Italy, crafted with natural materials according to the purest artisanal traditions which demonstrate the personality of the different Italian territories from which they are inspired.
As one does with a beloved book, reading and rereading it, then sharing it with loved ones, products that bear the name Vodivì create a bridge to understanding the grand richness that nature and history imbue to each place.
For each bag and each semi-precious stone accessory VODIVÌ offers an itinerary to travel in the first person.
It is the most authentic way one can find to immerse oneself in the truest essence of the places that inspire our collections.

Bags and semiprecious stone accessories

Products bearing the VODIVÌ brand offer unique high-quality features, while respecting the well-being of people and the environment.
Research and design come together in the skilled hands of the Umbrian artisanal tradition, conferring upon our products refinementtailoring and innovation.
We choose to use natural materials and follow a production that rediscovers these original traditions.
Our hemp is an excellent example: woven and worked in Italy with no further processing, it grants us the opportunity to encounter and rediscover its most authentic and natural roughness and woodiness. Its use has allowed us to give firm durability and resistance to the VODIVÌ creations where it is used as a leading material.
This explains why any irregularities present on the surface of the fabric are an inherent feature of the hemp itself.
The choice of using natural plant dyes is another of the innovations that VODIVÌ uses: extracts from the plant Isatis tinctoria, the “woad”, for example, gives our hemp fabric color unique shades, which vary over time.
The accuracy in the details and in the artisanal packaging enhances the uniqueness of every single item in each collection.
They are enriched by the choice of select raw materials and are made in Italy, such as the metal accessorieshand-colored leather from the Consorzio Toscano, vegetable-tanned leather, the glass beads with their irregular nuances, typical of the artisanal glasswork technique realized in Umbertide, pure silver from the gold district of Arezzo, the pink stone from Monte Subasio, with their sophisticated, entirely hand-modeled forms.