It is destined to be talked about,  
due to its harkening back to the
haversacks of the truffle hunters
and their typical settings in the
villages of Valnerina.

Technical characteristics
Woman bag in rigid, smooth, hand-colored, vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather.
Asymmetric flap.
Bezel brass.
Pink stone appliqué from Monte Subasio.
Interior leather cornice.
Natural cotton lining with inside pocket with zip.
Magnetic closure.
Short handle with leather cornice.
Metallic accessories in light gold.
Removable, adjustable, shoulder strap with snap hooks.
Hand-painted edges.

In collaboration with TASTE and SLOW ITALY

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Data sheet

Height 9 in
Width 11 in
Depth 2 in
Handle Lenght 3 in
Colore Coffee
Esterno 100% vegetable-tanned leather, pink stone from Monte Subasio. Bezel brass. Metallic accessories in light gold.
Interno Natural cotton lining

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The uniqueness
Nerina is a unique shopping bag because, aside from being entirely made in Italy, it is the result of care and dedication in all phases of its production.
The initial study of the Design made use of careful research that went back through the great Italian artisanal traditions.
The materials selected are the result of a desire to offer collections that are 100% natural.
The production cycle is optimized to minimize its environmental impact.
Every detail of the Nerina, starting from the inserts in pink stone from Monte Subasio, is unique and aims at enhancing the rich cultural heritage of its territory of inspiration, Valnerina.

The vegetable-tanned leather: the vegetable tanning used on the leather in the Nerina is a technique that has ancient origins, dating back to prehistoric times. Today it has reached its peak in Tuscany, and is carried out through the use of particular natural elements, tannins, which are extracted from plants and trees that give the leather its unmistakable characteristics, rendering it recognizable and unique, such as the warm tones that, over time and use, tend to surface. It is a type of processing that requires time and craftsmanship, which allows the artisan to obtain leather that is free from toxic substances that are harmful to humans and the environment, such as azo dyes, nickel or pentachlorophenol and chromium VI, and is usually well tolerated by people who allergic to heavy metals.
In order to give the leather that gives the Nerina its nuanced, individual texture the decision was made to color it by hand.
The pink stone from Monte Subasio: the pink stone inserts are made from a particular stone, whose technical name is "Scaglia Rossa", a marine sedimentary rock composed of limestone and calcareous marl micritic (micro particles of organic origin). It is a stone that is widely present in the territory of Assisi and Monte Subasio. The age of the deposition of this formation is between 90 and 40 million years ago. It was a time when, instead of Italy, there was a sea called Tethys which was 1000-2000 meters deep. The deposition of calcareous sediments (mainly of organic origin) continued in relative calm. The pinkish-red color of the stone is due to the presence of iron oxides dispersed within the sediment over the course of its deposition. Used mainly for construction, this stone has changed over time to become an important historical and cultural link to the urban and artistic spirit of the area and today is also used for the production of jewelry and gemstones.
The stones used to create the Nerina bag come exclusively from stones obtained through the repurposing of building stones that our expert artisans have worked and carved to bring to their maximum splendor, and thereby give them new life.

Storage Instructions
The material used for the realization of this bag is genuine 100% Tuscan hand-colored vegetable-tanned leather.
We chose not to include surface finishing chemicals or resins, and for this reason, it is more sensitive to rubbing, scratching and direct sunlight.
Variations in color over time represent an intrinsic property of our leather devoid of pre-whitening and vegetable tanned.
The stone inserts are made from a particular stone, the “Scaglia Rossa" of Monte Subasio.
The stones used to create these bags come exclusively from stones obtained through the repurposing of building stones.
In order to get the most out of this bag, we recommend you handle it with care and attention.

Being our goods made ​​with natural raw materials untreated, they may vary in shades and colors than the photographs shown in the online shop and catalogs.

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