For each bag an Identity Card

The Vodivì work is based on excessive attention to details, a care for materials choice to create our products and an artisan manufacturing.
For this reason each bag is always equipped with an identity card. It is as a passport that guarantee a free circulation all over the world and it is able to reach everyone who wants to discover them and its history.

Vodivì Identity Cards

The identity card purpose was born from the exigent to tell the history of each creation, the places who inspired their birth, the materials utilized, the artisan enterprises and every person who are involved in.
So, in a little book associated with each bag, it have been transferred everything is important to know by informing you about our own manufacturing process.
Our mission is offer you every type of information by following a traceability value.

The Designer Beatrice and the Production Responsible Pamela send our Bags with their Identity Cards.

Vodivì wants write, communicate and inform every buyer who will dress our collection bags and make him a consumer well informed.

Campi Bag and its own Identity Card.

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