Strong and enveloping colors that create harmony, like a musical scale of cheerful and balanced tones.Elegant and resistant inserts in pure Murano glass, worked entirely by hand, and set in bronze, like real jewels, they enrich every bag in powerful elegance, made of clean lines that are simple but refined.It is the breath of a modern femininity, attentive to detail, to the preciousness of the elements, to the history of every single piece created with passion and skill, through the combination of several artistic techniques of glass processing. Fusions of colors, of precious Italian vegetable-tanned leathers, of unique finishes and exclusive for a timeless effect, which increases in value over time.

VENEZIA is the exciting exploration of the most authentic realm of Made in Italy: from the high leather production workshops to the artisan glass-making workshops, in which accessories to be worn on special occasions take shape.



“I have always looked at the world with amazement, considering the possibility of discovering it through different and unusual perspectives, and lighting me up by its beauty. It is for this and for the many possibilities of working that I fell in love with glass, and for more than thirty years I have been making artistic glass windows, sculptures, furnishing accessories, jewels and creative glass objects. There are different techniques that I learned and use with obstinate will and experimental curiosity in my work as an artisan and designer: from the leaded fire-painted stained-glass windows to Tiffany, from the glass fusion to sandblasting and engraving, all to transform a simple material like glass into a unique and inimitable piece. The eclecticism and passion that distinguish my work go hand in hand with the imagination and technical rigor that I use in creating my works, in a path that goes from evaluating the needs of the client – to understand where the work and the conditions will be placed to the brightness of the position -, to produce the most suitable artistic object to their expectations, considering also the functional aspect of the project and without neglecting a personal “poetics of doing”. For Vodivì’s VENEZIA collection I worked with the glass fusing technique, playing with the opacity and transparency of the combined glass to create a surprising play of depth. To achieve the final result, each of these pieces was cast several times, and the precision of interlocking the metal parts was achieved, through meticulous work with the use of saws, grinding wheels and sanders. Although the glass for Vodivì, from the VENEZIA collection, have a characteristic and easily identifiable style, each of them turns out to be a unique and original jewel, each similar, but never identical to the other; a small and exclusive artistic work.

Every bag of the VENEZIA collection is certified with the controlled traceability brand “TF-Traceability & Fashion” issued by Union filiere, the Italian Chamber of Commerce Association, to enhance the Made in Italy supply chains, after some careful controls on quality, style, materials and on the production phases. “TF-Traceability & Fashion” attests that the bags of this collection have a MADE IN ITALY certification on production and also on all the phases that follow and precede it, such as tanning, cutting, preparation and finishing-off.

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