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Umbria Collection


Secret hermitages, abbeys and towers that created the history of the mountain valleys of the Nera River, the warm tones of the sun, the hidden stone villages lying there; silent and mysterious.
Yet still, there are those green horizons carved by harmonic forms of rosettes and stone bell towers.
VODIVÌ invites you to Valnerina to personally experience the most authentic charm that dictated the sculpting of the Umbria collection Collection, made from natural raw materials that require great wisdom in processing.
Transport yourself and discover the intensity of this area, choose to retrace history and experience the silence of nature.

Every bag of the UMBRIA COLLECTION collection is certified with the controlled traceability brand  “TF-Traceability & Fashion” issued by Unionfiliere, the Italian Chamber of Commerce Association, to enhance the Made in Italy supply chains, after some careful controls on quality, style, materials and on the production phases. “TF-Traceability & Fashion” attests that the bags of this collection have a MADE IN ITALY certification on production and also on all the phases that follow and precede it, such as tanning, cutting, preparation and finishing-off.

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