Castelluccio, trendy flowering

Surrounded by Monti Sibillini national park, next to Monte Vettore in the interior of “Piani di Castelluccio”, Castelluccio of Norcia is among the most natural and characteristic place in Umbria.
It is famous for the unpredictable flowering event who paints all the valley with a wide variety of colours produced by different grasses, including “lenticchia”, a typical lentic produced in.
The flowering gives you different sensations in a silence atmosphere place in Umbria Region.
Even if the flowering is an unpredictable event, every year in June, you can attend to “flowered celebration”.
This years it will be celebrated on June, Sundays 28th.

Castelluccio panorama
Castelluccio panorama

The landscapes and past legends contribute to give to Castelluccio an inspiration atmosphere that helped our own design, Beatrice Mezzetti, to create sketchs.
From these draws was born an amazing colletion called “Petra”.
Each ecobag, part of this collection, is realized in vegetable tanning used on the leather, it is a technique that has ancient origins, dating back to prehistoric times.
Gray colors and majestic sizes of Monte Vettore inspired the bags, by giving them prestige and refinement with sinuous and elegant profiles.
The “Petra” collection represents the territory and each bags has its own personality, but all of them were born in the same place.
Each bag is silence, well-being and elegance expression.